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Biscayne Bay Foundation

We are is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Southern Florida. Founded in March of 2014, this grassroots organization was developed with the goal of increased awareness for the health, safety, and sustainability of waterways on a global scale. Over the past year, our directors have expanded our mission to include outreach programs that serve disadvantaged members of the community. We accomplish our objectives by financially contributing to homeless individuals that participate in our cleanup activities, providing educational support to students diagnosed with developmental disabilities, and distributing resources to community based organizations.

Biscayne Bay Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to redevelop the community by beautifying the Biscayne Bay. With our love for the waterways we will work diligently towards the preservation of our natural resources, all the while making the environment safer for the marine life, mammals, fish, and sea life residing there.


The Vision of Biscayne Bay Foundation, Inc. is to continuously expand its services provided in direct correlation to the growing and changing needs of the wildlife and waterways of Biscayne Bay, as well as its surrounding community.


Although the ocean covers two-thirds of the surface of the Earth, it is surprisingly vulnerable to human influences such as overfishing, pollution from run-off, and dumping of waste from human.


The foundation will facilitate opportunities for volunteers to travel to local waterways three times every other week. Our clean up activities may include picking up garbage and reporting any injured animals found to local authorities.

Florida Cleanup Post Hurricane

Miami Waterways to for nonprofits cleanup.
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Environmental CleanUp

Ocean trash ranks as one of the most serious pollution problems of our time. Much more than an eyesore, trash in the water and on the shore affects the health of people, wildlife and economies. For example, trash in the water:

  • injures swimmers and beachgoers;
  • harms wildlife that eats it or get trapped in its mess;
  • drives away tourists—and their wallets; and
  • ensnares boat propellers, a costly navigation hazard.

The good news is we can prevent trashed beaches and debris-filled water.

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Our Solution

The foundation will facilitate opportunities for volunteers to travel to local waterways three times every other week. Our representatives will market the location and time of the meet ups through word of mouth, social media, and our website. Our clean up activities may include picking up garbage and reporting any injured animals found to local authorities. We will also clean up the waterways by utilizing canoes to reach further out trash debris. While cleaning the water, certified scuba individuals may also dive to get any items we cannot retrieve from the surface. The entire section of water we aim to clean is a forty mile radius and our organization will alternate different sections of the target area each meeting.







Vehicle Dontations

Looking to donate a vehicle or watercraft? We do aquire vehicle donations to help assist with the forgoing efforts of our environemental cleanup. What better way to lend a hand in our efforts of climate change and cleanup. 

If you have a vehicle or watercraft to donate, please contact us today for assistance. 

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