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Our Solution - Biscayne Bay Foundation


The foundation will facilitate opportunities for volunteers to travel to local waterways three times every other week. Our representatives will market the location and time of the meet ups through word of mouth, social media, and our website. Our clean up activities may include picking up garbage and reporting any injured animals found to local authorities. We will also clean up the waterways by utilizing canoes to reach further out trash debris. While cleaning the water, certified scuba individuals may also dive to get any items we cannot retrieve from the surface. The entire section of water we aim to clean is a forty mile radius and our organization will alternate different sections of the target area each meeting.

We currently have recruited a handful of volunteers that assist during each session, but through advertisement and fundraising we hope to spark more interest and raise the amount to a minimum of twenty volunteers. The foundation plans to purchase our own cleaning equipment when resources are available, but volunteers are welcome to bring their own equipment as well.

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Our solution to help keep our environment clean and safe

Biscayne Bay Foundation, Inc. will also assist American citizens with basic needs that may include, but are not limited to, a helping hand, fixing motors, repairing dingies, and distribution of food products. In order to receive a donation, each recipient must be able to demonstrate they do not have the financial means to afford these services through their own means. Each recipient will be selected by board members of the organization.

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