The planet we call Earth is composed of 71% water which is the most obvious feature. We can’t deny the fact that that large percentage became a home for millions of water creatures who only want to thrive and survive. Over the past decades, we can already observe changes which are beneficial, but at the same time, a threat to anyone including them. Humans rely on water too, and if we are going to reflect, we became the sole contributor to all the changes that are occurring. 

The needs of the environment

Though we point to ourselves for the changes, either advantageous or not, we are responsible for fixing whatever damages we have caused over the past years. It is all over the news, magazines, flyers, even the internet that we are becoming more aware of the negative impacts we have caused on the water ecosystem. In connection, we were able to produce programs which made the conservation of water possible. Let me talk about the benefits of environmental cleanup. This method is not only applicable on land; the water ecosystem needs it the most and when I say water ecosystem, this consists not only of the oceans and seas, but including the rivers, lakes, ponds, and bays. The method became one of the most effective ways to conserve our water reservoir. Why? Marine life depends all the time on what is available. So, if trash is given, they will serve as the sea creatures’ food.


By lessening to totally removing human trash from the seas and oceans, sea creatures will no longer have to feed on them just to ease their hunger. Our trash becomes poison to marine life. Cleanup drives are beneficial to both humans and animals for waste becomes a threat to anyone, so a total removal is a must. Aside from sea creatures no longer feeding on trash, another benefit that they can get from clean sea water is being able to freely reproduce. A clean ecosystem is a healthy home to prevent extinction. If the sea creatures can do that, it will also be beneficial to us, for we rely on them. It is a win-win situation for us, but most importantly, we were able to contribute to the preservation of wildlife. 

Environmental cleanup efforts

Miami Biscayne Bay Foundation is aiming for a better world for anyone, that includes the life under. This nonprofit organization serves as a head, heart, and hand to anyone who needs help. The results of their work are promising that even the sea creatures will thank them. Their programs on environmental cleanup and preservation of wildlife became successful because they were able to inspire others to help them serve their purpose. Although they are nonprofit organizations, they see to it that their goals and objectives are met and are producing beneficial results. 

sponsors and donors welcomed

This organization, on the other hand, does not only need a hand to achieve its purpose. It needs funds to be able to fully perform and function. Corporate sponsorship became their helping hand to buy supplies and other needs to preserve a clean environment where any living creatures can co-exist. Logos of their corporate sponsors are displayed on their website for acknowledgement and transparency. If others can extend help, we can, too.

Marine life still has a long way to go as long as they are being conserved and protected. We may not hear them speak, but every time we leave their home clean and free from trash and harm, they are beyond grateful. We still have plenty of time to protect the life of these creatures if we don’t want anything to go extinct in the near future. 

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