Everyone in the Greater Miami Area should know about Miami Give Day 2021

The Miami Give Day event brings together individuals, corporations, and individual donors with nonprofit outfits which contribute to the Miami-area culture, environment and economy.

Each year donations flow from individuals and organizations to nonprofits in the Miami area that use the funds for local projects, which range from the arts to environmental cleanup.

Action Is Needed

Miami and the ocean go together. Healthier waters make for a healthier city, and the local economy is tied to industries that depend on clean water and scenic beaches.

That’s why it matters how we affect the local environment with our actions. In the case of the oceans it’s astonishing just how much of an impact our choices have.

While environmental regulations have evolved over the years, pollution from industry and consumer waste continues to be a challenge. Illegal dumping by companies and citizens is an ongoing and unfortunate problem that largely falls to local volunteers to resolve.

Give Miami Day 2021 is an opportunity to help organizations like the Biscayne Bay Foundation make a difference in and around Miami.

What Is Being Done

The Biscayne Bay Foundation is an example of an organization that acts locally. Working with volunteers, the foundation cleans trash and debris from the water. 

Recruits clean beaches and use canoes to reach material floating offshore. When possible, volunteers who are scuba-certified clean up detritus from underwater.

The foundation uses the generous funding from donors to bring-in new team members and to purchase equipment and resources that are used in the cleanup effort.

Cleaner beaches and waterways benefit everyone by reducing potential health hazards and helping businesses that rely on the local environment to attract customers.

Continuing the Success of Miami Give Day

Give Miami Day has brought-in more than $61 million dollars since 2012. Every donation made goes entirely to the donor’s chosen nonprofit, after transaction fees that may be imposed depending on how the donation is made.

Give Miami Day 2020 saw generous support from a community that faced other challenges at the time. More than $18 million dollars was collected and distributed to local nonprofits.

How You Can Get Involved

Give Miami Day 2021 begins on Thursday, November 18 at 12 a.m. and runs for 24 hours, however early donations can be made starting on November 15th.

Get started at www.givemiamiday.org/biscaynebayfoundation if you’d like to find out more about how you can contribute and how your donation will be used.

Miami Waterways to for nonprofits cleanup.
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